Boat Noodle It is a kind of Thai style noodles. spicy Thick noodles similar to beef noodles or braised beef noodles. Because they put different seasonings from other types of noodles, such as black soy sauce, tofu, etc. There is also Namtok which is cow’s blood or pork mixed with salt for cooking in the noodle soup.

Today I will introduce one of the Thai restaurants in Taipei. It is a boat noodle shop called “哈哈羅55泰式船麵”, or “55 Lo” in Thai. This restaurant has three branches: Xinyi Branch, Shilin Branch, and Spin Branch. Banqiao (Banqiao) . Today we will introduce you to a shop located in Xinyi District. Taipei city itself.

The price of food in the restaurant is not very expensive. Starting at 55 Taiwan Dollars There are many dishes on the menu, including Namtok Pork Noodles. Tom Yum Pork Noodles and clear pork noodles There are 3 types of noodles to choose from, namely rice vermicelli, small and large noodles, as well as side dishes such as fried chicken wings, spring rolls, fried pork belly, pork loin, and crispy wontons. It can be said that when I saw it, I immediately thought of Thailand.

in-store menu

There is also a sauce in a Thai cup and decoration of the shop. that makes you feel like eating boat noodles on the streets of Thailand Along with cold drinks such as milk tea, cold milk, there are many to choose from and order.

the appearance of the food in the restaurant

Boat noodles with cold drinks and crispy pork knuckles are very delicious, just like eating in Thailand.

Boat noodles at the restaurant “55 Lor” look like the ones eaten in Thailand.

More details

Facebook:哈哈羅55泰式船麵Boat Noodle


Phumraphee Sae-tang (ภูมิรพี แซ่ตั้ง), alias Chen, Sheng-Tai (陳勝泰), is a Thai of Chinese ancestry.

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